Mystery Shopping

  • Have you ever experienced a rude waiter or an untidy shop assistant who provided you with poor service?
  • Have you ever encountered bad customer service and wished you could do something about it?
  • Have you ever wanted to get paid for shopping?

With INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK, you can!  Join our thousands of Mystery Shoppers today and give us your opinion on customer services wherever you live.  Help us improve the level of customer services in your hometown and get paid for it too!

Mystery Shopping is your opportunity to assess the quality of services at a variety of retail or service outlets from fashion stores and hotels, to restaurants and banks.  All you need is a good memory, the ability to be discreet and a keen eye for good or bad service.  At the end of every Mystery Shopping assignment, you will have to fill out a specific report of all the aspects of your shopping experience.  If you fill out the form correctly, you will get paid a commission by INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK.

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