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Mystery Shopping offers feedback through your customer's experience and it's the only way to find out how good your service really is. Our Mystery Shopping services are tailored to all sectors and businesses, and we help you discover which marketing measures need to be taken to improve your service. What do customers say about you? Do your employees go above and beyond your customer's expectations? Do you offer the right products? How do you fare compared with competitors?  This is just a taste of the information we uncover, but we offer much, much more. Our company has over a million evaluators, who assess their satisfaction as customers, the service they are given and other essential aspects of your business. Mystery Shopping reveals the truth in all its facets about your customer's experience-this is powerful information for your organization. 

What is Mystery shopping
What does an Evaluator do?
I want to be an Evaluator!
What is Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping involves the performance of so-called service checks. This means: our evaluators carry out on-site checks to get a first-hand impression on customer experience. The scope of each service check is, of course, predefined. The evaluator does not disclose his or her identity, but acts like any other regular customer, browsing around, seeking advice and assistance from on-site staff members, buying things and playing out a regular customer scenario. The evaluator subsequently submits a detailed report on his or her experience and evaluates the relevant categories. Mystery Shopping operations are applied in all market sectors: fashion, sport, banking, food industry and lots more. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK has also specialized in serving businesses within the luxury and premium segments.

What does an Evaluator do?

An evaluator is another word for a Mystery Shopper who acts as a customer...something every person does all the time. The only difference from real life is that the evaluator follows a given scenario and remembers and writes down all details of the mystery shop visit to share with us. Their experience reflects a customer's perspective 100% and the compilation of this information provides hard statistics of your business, such as quality of service, brand and product positioning and knowledge of employees among other aspects. Our evaluators give you the inside scope on your business! We train our evaluators accordingly to assess the quality of your service and we adapt training to each client, sector and needs. They are ready to deal with your sales staff and store managers alike and obtain vital feedback for your business operations and strategy. We find out how to improve your customer's experience, know how to measure it to help you manage it! 


Can I be an Evaluator?
Of course! Mystery Shopping gives you the chance to have experiences that are fun and are paid for at the same time.  By Mystery Shopping you can help improve the level of services in your hometown or city and speak out about the services that affect you every day.  Not only can you do all this in your spare time, but you can also earn some money along the way. Apply on our website. Apply now

How do I get an assignment?
You will need to follow these steps:

  1.  Register
    First you have to register with INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK to become an Evaluator. You need to fill out an application form with your personal details and shopping preferences.
  2. Selection
    Our clients usually ask us to provide them with Evaluators of a particular profile. Profiles include age, shopping habits, likes, dislikes, location and a variety of other factors. If your profile matches the client’s Evaluator request, we will contact you by phone or email to ask if you are available for a particular assignment.
  3. Assignment
    If we contact you for a particular assignment, you will be informed of the type of location you will visit, its location, details of the business and a clear explanation of what you will be required to do during your visit. If you accept, we need you to complete the assignment by a given deadline. Upon acceptance we will mail you a comprehensive questionnaire or report as well as detailed instructions on what you have to do.
  4. Completion
    When you complete your Mystery Shopping assignment, you will need to fill out and send us your completed questionnaire or  report within the given deadline along with an invoice form for your services rendered. After that, our editors will proofread your report to see if you have answered all the questions correctly. At this stage, you are required to be available by email or phone for 48 hours after we have received your report. Our editors and Project Managers may need to contact you for cross checks and to make necessary amendments to your report. On the successful completion of this entire process, INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK  will credit your bank account or pay you directly for your Mystery Shopping Services.

How long does an assignment take and how often can I perform them?
An assignment takes up to 15-20 minutes, and they vary every month and within each region.

Will I always buy something when I go Mystery Shopping?
Not always. In each Mystery Shopping assignment, the conditions of the project vary. As a result, we will thoroughly explain every situation to you before you conduct an assignment. In case a scenario calls for the unforeseen purchase of an item, INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK will give you the opportunity to keep the item at a reduced rate or return the item to us for a refund.

How much do I make as an Evaluator?
Each assignment is paid differently, but we always inform when we offer the assignment.

Am I an employee of INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK if I register for a Mystery Shopping assignment?
No, If you register with INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK for Mystery Shopping assignments, you are considered an independent Evaluator who is simply conducting assignments for us in your own time, as and when assignments become available.

Mystery Shopping is just a way of earning extra money in your spare time. By accepting an assignment, you are agreeing to conduct a one-off service evaluation for INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK and for this you may be paid a pre-agreed fee.

If I do not accept an assignment, will you remove me from your Evaluators list?
No. If you cannot accept an assignment for any reason, we will contact you again when you fit the required profile for a Mystery Shop in your area.

What happens if I cannot complete an assignment I have accepted?
If for some reason you cannot complete an assignment you have accepted, all you have to do is inform us before the test date so we can assign another Evaluator to conduct the test.

If you do not inform us of your inability to conduct a test and the report deadline expires, we will consider this to be a breach of our agreement for Mystery Shopping by you, and we shall remove you from our Evaluators database.

Do assignments need to be completed on a certain date?
We usually ask you to go Mystery Shopping in your spare time or within a certain time frame. For example, we could ask you to go shopping at a store between specific opening times, or between 3 and 5 pm on the 10th of January or simply any time between 10th and 15th January. Mostly you get to decide when to conduct your assignment so long as you send back your Mystery Shopping report to us before any allocated deadlines.

However, our clients do sometimes ask for assignments to be carried out on specific days and dates. In these situations, you will be informed beforehand of any specific dates or deadlines for your Mystery Shopping assignment.

Usually, the only fixed date or time we give our Evaluators is the deadline to submit their completed report.

What happens if I get detected or miss out certain details on a Mystery Shopping assignment?
If the sales staff find out that you are an Evalautor or you cannot fill out the questionnaire properly because you missed out specific details during your shopping trip, we will consider that Mystery Shopping assignment to be null and void. As a result, we will have to conduct the entire Mystery Shop again, with another Evaluator. As a result, any expenses incurred by you on the failed trip shall be non-refundable and you will not be paid for that assignment.

Can I become a full time Evaluator with INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK?
No. Mystery Shopping is a part time job and our Evaluators conduct their assignments on weekends or after they have finished their daily work. Mystery Shopping is simply a way of earning extra money as a secondary source of income and not a full time job opportunity.

How can I get more assignments with INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK?
Whenever you complete an assignment with INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK, your reports will be checked and rated by our expert editors. You will then receive an email with a grade for your report and any feedback on how you could have conducted the shop better. If you become good at providing detailed reports after your Mystery Shopping assignments and you achieve good grades consistently, you stand to be chosen more frequently than less experienced or less attentive Evaluators. If we have not contacted you in a while it is only because our Mystery Shopping assignments do not require your customer profile at that time.

Should I know about any conditions before signing up?
You can accept or decline an assignment. This is entirely up to you!

I want to be an Evaluator!

Great! Anyone can be an Evaluator because we are all customers and have real and daily experiences that are invaluable for Mystery Shopping operations. Assignments are short and easy to perform, so we can do them in our free time. All feedback is filled out online after your assignment. You need to be discrete, attentive and perceptive! Interested? 

Join us!

Do you like to give your opinion on customer service and get paid for it? Join our team of evaluators in your area.


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