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Mystery shopping

One thing's  for sure: To satisfy your customers you have to get to know them and not just in critical moments but in their end-to-end journey with you. Our Mystery Shopping and Quality Assessment programs allow you to do just that-understand your customer's needs. By doing this, you can improve your products and services and turn your clients into loyal enthusiasts who keep turning to you and will urge others to do the same. Mystery Shopping is a well-established and advantageous tool to collect and measure individual interactions with your clients. We work with over a million professional evaluators and employ the latest analysis trends to provide accurate and informative reports so you act effectively in your business. 


We carry out special audits for retailers, specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. Our team is exceptionally experienced in creating international audit programs, which cover all relevant areas and offer advantageous insights.

Our audits focus on:

  • Store's operations and processes are aligned to overall corporate compliance requirements
  • Effectiveness of price and promotion efforts
  • Compliance to corporate brand and visual identity
  • In-store display and visual merchandising compliance

Voice of customer

What does the customer want? Need? These are crucial drivers to change and should be at the forefront of your business strategy. Ask your customers, listen to them and create a relationship with them. We can help you create programs to strengthen weak spots in customer interaction and show you what improvements need to be made and how. Interact with your customers! Benefit from our reports that provide you with customer feedback and their experience in real time. 


LIVEBOARD is our online reporting platform that offers live information in 36 languages. Access it anywhere, anytime! It's quick connection and strict password security ensure maximum functionality. You can filter your customer experience results easily, send surveys via email, export data, see results and highlight trends. Even strengths and weakness are seen at glance. It's flexible tool that streamlines all services, it's easy to navigate and see your company overview and results. 

Client services

Our Client Services team's main goal is to satisfy you, our clients. Our employees ensure that our services yield results. They are at your side every step of the way to support you and your project. We will provide analysis, expert advice and a wealth of experience throughout the design process and during the implementation phase. We ensure that your programs are dynamic, focused and relevant. Our objective is to ensure that all of the ideas that we develop for you are successful and aligned with your own concepts. 

Employee surveys

Employee engagement and satisfaction are the backbone to your business. It's crucial to measure the level of commitment and satisfaction among your employees. We can help create the right programs to reflect your corporate goals and internal training programs. Feedback is sent instantly thus you management team can act on issues quickly. These surveys increases employee morale which leads to a healthier work environment and stronger performance. 

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